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RC Fest 2017


MAY 2018

  • AMA Expo East
    With dwindling attendance and lackluster industry support many thought the consumer show was dead, but using AMA Expo East as an example, it becomes obvious that all that was needed was a fresh approach.

    Many layouts will have an open area that needs to be filled, but sticking a house in the middle of nowhere rarely offers the desired results; yet with a gravel road and a few camping trailers, a whole new dimension can be added.

  • Review - Vapor Lite
    The basic Vapor layout has been around for st least a decade, if not longer. Appearing in just about evey platform from a mini to a FPV, the latest is the Vapor Lite HP, with the HP standing for High Performance.

    When a manufacturer crams the biggest motor it has into a modest size hull, the results are performance and when it is offered at an affordable price, everyone wins.

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