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RC Fest 2017


April 2018

    Known as the “yellow peril” by the fledging pilots of the U.S. Navy due to its tendency to ground loop on takeoff and when landing, but with all of its advanced stabilization, the PT-17 by E-flite is a breeze for anyone to fly.

    Post World War II was an era of exploding technology and this is evident in the Southern Pacific Gs4 4-8-4 Daylight, a beautiful locomotive of an era when Art Deco was combined with streamlining and Bachmann Trains has captured the locomotive to perfection.

    Caterpillar Inc. is a name that is synonymous with heavy construction equipment and the Diecast Masters CAT 99K Wheel Loader is so intrically filled with details in miniature a person will feel he could climb in the cab and drive it away.

    Originally released by Rage as the X-Fly, the aircraft has been updated with new electronics, modes of operation and a color scheme that add-up to even more fun for the novice and experienced pilots alike.

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