Hobby Merchandiser is the most experienced trade publication in the hobby industry. Each month, the magazine offers unbiased reports of new and successful products, professional profiles, editorials on radio control, railroading, model kits, die-cast, games, rocketry, science and education, tools, accessories and every other type and category of hobby product. Hobby Merchandiser also publishes monthly reports for the industry's business associations.

Where product reporting in distributor catalogs and consumer magazines is very often focused on advertising clients and proprietary products, the editorializing and product reporting of a trade publication must remain impartial, thereby, producing the most positive results for the trade. Since its inception, Hobby Merchandiser has built its strong reputation on the distribution of reliable information from knowledgeable and respected hobby professionals.

Our editorial department is staffed by many of the industry's most experienced and best informed sources. As a team, we are deeply devoted to the betterment and longevity of the entire hobby business community. Hobby Merchandiser's readers stay well informed of topical industry issues and receive the most up-to-date product information available. Hobby Merchandiser's extensive showcase promotion of hobby products is without charge and is of extreme value to the readership. We consider our reporting of product information to be one of the magazine's most basic responsibilities to the industry.

Official company dated announcements of programs, acquisitions, hiring or promotions, competition results and similar non-product-related movements are reported. Dates and general descriptions of retailer-oriented, hobby industry events are listed. Trade show, contest, conference, seminar and open-house announcements are included.

Hobby Merchandiser's Annual Trade Directory is the industry's most valuable reference guide and the only directory that is organized by product categories. Industry manufacturers, wholesalers, publishers and associations are listed. Manufacturers are also cross-referenced with their product categories. With the Annual Trade Directory, you can reference any hobby-related product and find a listing of manufacturers who carry it. The directory is your source for company addresses, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and Web site addresses, key industry products, extensive wholesaler and publisher listings, suppliers, associations, trade shows and other industry-related services and entities.

Hobby Merchandiser has the most extensive product showcases and specialty showcases in the model hobby industry, and all the product exposures in our showcases are absolutely free of charge. Some magazines do charge for this, but Hobby Merchandiser is interested in helping your company to benefit from this value-added service.

Hobby Merchandiser is committed to helping advertisers maximize market coverage and increase sales.

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